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Everything in marketing always comes back to consistency & effective frequency.

Maleika Lacy

Hi, I’m Maleika Lacy, an Award Winning Marketer & Entrepreneur!

I truly want to make a difference. Small business is hard! There is always so much against us.

As Entrepreneurs, we find ourselves wearing many hats and dare I say, “too many hats.” We bear the stressful pressure and responsibility we put on ourselves.

We find ourselves turning to the internet for answers. The problem is, we get answers, but more often then not, they are the wrong answers or expectations.

Every time I open an entrepreneur magazine, I find it filled with inspirational stories about successful business that started in their garage and then, like magic… poof… they are millionaires.

My entrepreneur friends and I like to call that “business porn.” These stories are missing all the details that are real. Without these details, we learn nothing and walk away thinking we can snap our fingers and a million dollars will appear.

I like to keep it real and provide small business owners with the transparent truth of what it takes to really build a business through marketing.

I like to call it “Getting Your Mind Right!”

There is no quick fix. This is about doing something right consistently over a longer period of time until successful. It is all about the Effective Frequency Factor.

Effective Frequency is the number of times it takes a person exposed to advertisements, marketing’s campaigns, and/or branding before they take action. You might be surprised to learn that it take the average customer 5-7 times.

So I welcome you to the eBURGEON website and encourage you to sign up for one of our free webinars where you will learn more on how to correctly use Effective Frequency to convert your marketing into sales.

To Success,

Maleika Lacy

Award Winning Marketer
office: 805.296.3393

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Hello Restaurants

I am proud to say that I just finished writing a book for you. It is a guide full of restaurant marketing tips. It will walk you through the five marketing steps that take the least amount of time and money, and return the highest results.

The book is my gift to you for absolutely NO COST. No strings attached! 🙂 Although I would like your contact information, so I can get feedback about the book if you don’t mind.

The Restaurant Marketing Guide Book

About Us

eBURGEON is a Design & Marketing Agency based in Paso Robles, CA.

We specialize in helping small local businesses such as wineries, restaurants & attractions.

The mission is simple, “truly help local small business owners” by providing marketing education and services that actually convert into sales. No fluff, just real talk that comes from a deep personal desire to create a meaningful business that impact others’ lives in a positive way.

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